STI Protection Products

Extinguisher Stopper

The Extinguisher Stopper is an extremely simple yet cost effective solution to extinguisher misuse. This ingenious product incorporates a patented cable operating mechanism which activates a piercing 120dB alarm if the extinguisher is removed. This draws attention to extinguisher misuse or draws attention to someone who may be trying to fight a fire. The Stop Sign design discourages the use of a fire extinguisher as a door wedge

  • Powered by 5 year pp3 battery.
  • Can operate with 12 or 24v dc.
  • Supplied complete with everything for a quick and simple installation.
  • Integral 120 dB sounder.
  • Can be used to protect hose reels and other devices.
  • Can be isolated for extinguisher servicing.

 STI Exit Stopper

  • Completely self-contained electronic door alarm
  • Highly visible 'stop sign' discourages unauthorised
  • use of emergency doors
  • Fitted with a 9V PP3 alkaline battery (included)
  • Key operated override facility.
  • 32 user programmable features
  • Highly versatile can be mounted or installed on almost any type of door, including remote placement of sounder .
  • Remote powered 12 or 24 VDC model available for special applications.
  • Compact design (127mm/ 5" in diameter and 48mm/1.875" deep).
  • Available in red or green.
  • 40 milliamp 9 VDC trigger output.
  • Can be installed and protecting doors in minutes.
  • Lifetime guarantee against breakage of polycarbonate housing (one year on electronic components).
  • Virtually indestructible polycarbonate housing.

Stop unauthorised exits and entries through emergency exit doors.The Exit Stopper is a unique and highly effective way to' alert you to any unauthorised exits or entries through any emergency exit door. It can also serve as an inexpensive security device and help prevent theft.

 How it works

If the protected door is opened, the electronic Exit Stopper emits an ear piercing alarm. When the door is closed, it automatically resets. A variety of alarm duration and setup features are available. See feature chart below. A key operated override facility will silence the alarm and allow authorised exits. The Exit Stopper is fitted with a 9V PP3 alkaline battery. It is available in red or green and can be mounted or installed on almost any type of door, including remote placement of the sounder.