Redlam Panic Bolts
Redlam Panic Bolt MK1

Manufactured from cast aluminium, Redlam panic bolts are the economical solution to the problem of providing reliable security for internal emergency exits. MARK 1 Designed for interconnecting emergency exit doors. Breaking the CERAMTUBE™ results in the bolt sliding back automatically and unlocking the door.

 Mark 2   Designed for interconnecting emergency exit doors. Operates on one side of the door by breaking the CERAMTUBE™ and on the other side of the door by pushing the knob.Both versions are supplied complete with hammer and chain. Padlock and `To open break tube`signs are available seperately. Use of an optional padlock prevents unauthorised removal of CERAMTUBE™ with out breaking the tube itself.

CERAMTUBE™Replacement cartridges for both Mk1 & Mk 2 Redlam panic bolts. Designed to produce no sharp edges when smashed.

Are you still using glass tubes in your Redlam Panic Bolts
Spare Ceramtubes™

Redlam Panic Bolts MK1 and MK2 spare Ceramtubes™ are available to replace earlier versions which were made from glass.

 Supplied in boxes of 20

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We supply spare Redlam Panic bolt CERAMTUBES™delivered direct to your door

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