Pagers for Fire Alarms

  Pagetek Pager Transmitter Operation

Dry contact -Zone 5 open ( ALARM STATE ) sends “FIRE ALARM” to the pagers which will bleep and Vibrate simultaneously for the 8 second duration. The transmitter will repeat the call to the pagers every 10 seconds until the fire panel has been reset.

Dry contact-Zone 5 closed ( RESET STATE) sends “ALARM RESET” to the pagers which will vibrate once only for 8 seconds.

Out of range indication The transmitter sends a “range” call to the pagers every 50 seconds. If the pager misses 2 range calls then the pager will display “NO SERVICE” and continuously vibrate until a key is pressed.

Pager Option

Transmitter voltage low If the transmitter voltage drops below 10.5VDC,it will send “TRSMIT BATT LOW” to the pagers which will vibrate upon receipt of this message.

The above system is a method of providing an indication of fire to the hearing impaired on large public sites .

 Dipole Aerial

Disability Discrimination Act 1995

This Act seeks to eliminate discrimination of people with disabilities by including provisions which state that physical barriers which may prevent access into and use of a building should be removed.

This part of the Act is due to become effective from October 2004.

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