Model 4870L / 5086L / 4973L Lithium

Kitemarked Smoke Alarms BS 5446: PT1 2000

Up to 36 units can be interconnected, with all units sounding when one unit detects a fire condition. The alarm initiating the detection blinks a red lED every second while the red lED extinguishes on all other connected units. The centrally located connector speeds installation, cannot be reverse connected and provides extra access security for the battery compartment. The connector also contains the optional interlink wiring.

Models 4870L & 4973L

Specification Features

  • Low profile design.
  • Loud 85db alarm.
  • 6 Year guarantee.
  • False alarm control.
  • tamper resistant locking.
  • Full function test button.
  • New temporal sound pattern.
  • Interconnected - single station to 36.
  • Dual colour multi-function.
  • LED light indicator.

Model 5086

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