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Kitemarked Smoke Alarms BS 5446: PT1 2000

Option 1 This rechargeable range offers a greater standby integrity by utilizing sealed in lithium cells. The unique approach offers a product which is projected to last the 10 year life of the smoke alarm. In the event of a power failure the standby power cells will provide the unit with over 6 months of backup, the longest period currently available.

230V Alarms with Lithium rechargeable standby supply 10 year technology.


4881 Ionisation Smoke alarm Featuring false alarm control / hush.

4985 Optical smoke alarm Featuring false alarm control / hush.

Option 2

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These proven models have the added advantage of being fitted with the Ultralife Lithium long life primary battery that is enclosed in an aluminium casing. This casing provides the battery with better power retention allowing the smoke alarms to be powered by the battery alone for up to ten years (ion) and standby supply in excess of 10 years. An optional accessory is the tamper proof screw kit to secure the battery compartment closed preventing unathorised removal of the battery.

230V Alarms with Lithium primary standby supply.

The Lithium cell offers approx 10 years supply. Suitable for installations to BS5839 pt6 Grade D.

4870L Ionisation smoke alarm.Featuring false alarm control / hush

5086L Ionisation smoke alarm battery draw / hush

4973L Optical smoke alarm.Featuring false alarm control / hush

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