Firetrace System

Firetrace is a simple self-activating system, specifically designed for installation inside enclosures, cabinets and machinery housings to trigger automatically and extinguish fires at source. It is ideal for any application where the potential fire risk is located within an enclosed or confined space.

Firetrace System
FM200 CO2

Firetrace consists of a cylinder filled with the extinguishing agent of choice (e.g. Powder, CEA410 and CO2) attached to a flexible plastic tube. When the tube melts the contents of the cylinder escapes through the hole. Firetrace is a self contained fire detection and extinguishing system that delivers the extinguishing agent right to the heart of the fire.

 Applications and benefits for Firetrace

  • Spark Eroders
  • Engine Compartments
  • Electronics Cabinets
  • Fume Cupboards
  • Telecom Cabinets
  • Control Cabinets
  • Hazardous Atmospheres
  • Machinery Enclosures
  • Flow Solder Machines

A self contained extinguisher tube filled with extinguishant.For smaller installations where an extinguishant bottle is inconvenient.

  • No power supply
  • Low cost
  • Easy installation
  • Almost maintenance free
  • Confined spaces
  • Simple design
  • Immune to dust and dirt
  • No specialist knowledge required
  • Very reliable - No moving parts

Used to protect any piece of electrical equipment the Pyroplug shuts off the power and puts out the fire.