Magnetic Door Retainers

Model F98 & F96

Overhead rack and pinion door closer with electro hydraulic hold open and swing free arm function


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The frontier F96 and F98 are both single action electro- hydraulic door controls. Whether the function is to hold the door open or let it swing free, these units are designed to automatically close the door upon activation of the fire alarm or with the added feature of its own independent on- off test switch.


For single action doors including fire doors with leaf widths up to 1400 mm ( For use on 30 minute and 60 minute fire doors. )


One of the major features of the frontier electro-magnetic closer is its slim line design. 325mm long x 60mm high and only 46mm projection.

The two models

  • F96 Dual function hold open or swing free unit.
  • F98 Hold open unit only.

Product feature

  • Infinitely variable hold open angle between 80 and 180 degree.
  • Adjustable closing forces ,sizes 1-6 to EN 1154
  • Adjustable, thermo-constant closing.
  • Slim line closer body
  • Independent on-off switch for isolation or testing
  • All functions adjustable on front of unit
  • Operating Voltage 24 v DC
  • Low power consumption, approx 42 mA
  • Easy to use fitting instructions for electrical installation and closer installation, complete with unit template.
  • Tested / Assesed to BS476 part 22 ( 30 , 60 minutes )
  • Available in 17 colour options
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