Anti Cigarette Smoking Detector
Stand Alone With Voice Sounder
The New Stand Alone Detector With Integral Voice Sounder


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The New Stand Alone Detector With Integral Voice Sounder does not require any additional products. The module is designed for single applications and only requires the insertion of 4 x AA size batteries. The module is fixed to the ceiling of the area to be protected by 2 screws and quite simply monitors the environment from this point.

On activation of an alarm condition, the module provides a voice message audible within the protected area. This enforcement message serves to remind offenders that they are smoking illicitly - without the need for staff intervention. Research has show that smokers are less likely to take offence at an `electronic policeman` and more likely to comply with the instruction.

In addition to being simple to install, cost effective and low maintenance the CSA-GDV has a number of special additional features detailed below :-

  • May be installed as part of a hard wired system.
  • Provides outputs for interfacing to other alarm systems.
  • Can be powered locally on 9Vdc - 35Vdc.
  • Provides remote output for external monitoring.
  • Can be supplied with sounder only option.
  • Provides fault beep for tamper or low battery.
  • Detector can be locked in base to prevent tamper.
  • Manufactured using high grade polycarbonate plastic.
  • Visual deterrent on entry to protected premises.
  • Long battery life - typically 12 months.( Dependant on number of activationís

Hardwired Installed System

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