Anti Cigarette Details

     Hardwired Installaed System

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The hardwired system is specifically designed to ensure that alarm/fault indication is provided at a remote, supervised location. Comprising a controller capable of driving up to 5 detectors,ancillary equipment such as power supplies and anti-vandal cages, the system is installed utilising multi-core security cabling.

Alarm, tamper and fault signals are relayed to the controller and the supervisor is then able to determine what action is taken. Smokers within the protected area are unaware of the alarm condition of the system and are subject to disciplinary procedures at the discretion of the management team.

The system is widely used in many applications but is especially effective in schools and private businesses where corporate policy relating to employees can be enforced by covert monitoring for environmental tobacco smoke ( ETS ).

A Typical Installation fitted in toilet / cloakroom